Tasting "The oldest style" of whiskey - Irish

9 August 2017

We are glad to inform you that on Wednesday, August 9, the tasting of "The Oldest Style" of Whiskey - Irish will take place.
Ireland is famous for its red-haired people, Guinness beer, St. Patrick's Day and of course whiskey! The formation of the style of Irish whiskey, as well as many other drinks, one way or another put the hand of the British. Back in the late 18th century, the British introduced a series of taxes on alcohol production, which served as a stimulus for experiments in this field. One such tax was the malt tax, which contributed to the fact that producers began to replace malt with ordinary grain. This style is called Single Pot Still and is a visiting card of the Irish whiskey industry. It is the whiskey category Single Pot Still that serves as the basis for many Irish blends, and a different ratio of malt and grain allows for one distillery to produce completely different whiskey. To say that Single Malt is better than Single Pot Still is impossible, because it is completely different. And on the tasting you will know why ... We are waiting for you in Doctor Whiskey!
Beginning 09/08 at 18:00
Price 59 usd
We are waiting for you at the restaurant "Doctor Whiskey" at Yalta, st. Pushkinskaya, 9-B
Booking by phone +7 978 701 701 4

Starts at 18:00

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