Vertical tasting of highland whiskey Tomatin

26 July 2017

We offer you a vertical tasting of whiskey from Tomatin Distillery. The distillery was founded at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries during one of the greatest rises of Scotch whiskey and was then the largest production in Scotland. At the tasting we will be able to follow the development of whiskey in the barrel and change its taste with age, we learn what Tomato has in common with Japan and juniper, and much more.

A bouquet of whiskey will be complemented by specially selected snacks from our chef:
- Tomatin Legacy, 43% - cream cheese on toast with berry sauce
- Tomatin Cu Bocan Vintage 2005, 50% scallop with green oil and red caviar
- Tomatin 12 Years Old, 43% - parsley baked in bacon with Béchamel sauce;
- Tomatin 14 Years Old, 46% - foie gras in raspberry glaze with pickled cherries
- Tomatin 18 Years Old, 46% - shrimp on a bar with cream cheese
- Tomatin 1988 26 Years Old, 46% - fried rabbit liver with raspberries on toast with currant sauce.

Starts at 18:00

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