Degustation "New stars of the Crimean winemaking"

15 July 2017

Recently, the winemaking of the peninsula is moving to a new qualitative level, the attitude towards wine production is completely changing. There are new winemakers enthusiasts, passionately fond of their business, who invest funds and make a lot of efforts to create wines that reflect the entire uniqueness of the Crimean natural and climatic zones. The French call it the beautiful word Terroir, and it's really unique in the Crimea. More than three hundred endemic plants grow here, which can grow only in the territory of the Crimean peninsula. It is worth mentioning that the 45th parallel passes through the territory of Crimea - this region is recognised as the best in the world for growing grapes. All the most outstanding wine regions are located in the range of this latitude.
New stars of the Crimean winemaking are able to adequately represent Crimea in the international arena now.
The following issues will be considered:

- History of viticulture and winemaking of the peninsula.
- Review of the producers and vineyards of the peninsula, the production technology, which is better and why.
- New Crimean stars - honestly about the market, for what kind of wine it is worth paying money.
- Presentation of eight varieties of grapes and wines on their basis.

5 white and 3 red wines will be presented for tasting.

As a gastronomic accompaniment, we offer farm cheeses:
- Camembert of goat milk,
- Soft cow's cheese in a breaded from wood ash,
- Hard cow's cheese in a crust of red wine.

To the red wines will be served a grilled square of the Crimean lamb and beef medallions of the Angus breed.

Starts at 18:00

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